Love For Kathmandu

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Introducing Our People


Introducing Yogesh!


Yogesh Gurung ,27, is  originally from Kathmandu. Yogesh has a special manner with people in difficult situations and possesses an impressive sense of social equality / equity.  This lays the foundations for his work.  Besides his marvelous passion and support for street children in Kathmandu and marginal groups, who are highly in need of help, like elderly people, young boys and girls and women have also become his clients. Due to his open-minded and sociable abilities, he is able to get in touch with people in great danger / uncertain situations, and find individual solutions.

After few years of volunteering, Yogesh, finally became a street worker, who communicates and cooperates with other social organizations on a highly professional level. After founding “A Cup of Love” in September 2015 and his graduation in “Business Administration” in December 2015, he has made himself a name and a dream come true.