A Cup of Love is a small not-for-profit organisation established to support socially disadvantaged people.  We are fighting against extreme poverty in Nepal.

Street life as a way of life is a result of extreme poverty in the Nepalese society.  So, we have started a journey which we hope will help to eradicate extreme poverty. We wish to address the issues and problems related to this serious economic degradation by running the project,  “Help and Motivate Street Children and Youth”.

We believe our little effort will help halt the cycle of extreme poverty.

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Our Vision:
Love for Humanity

To share the basic needs, education, health facilities, skills and rehabilitation to socially disadvantaged people.

1) To provide basic needs, health facilities, education, skills and care centres for street and orphan children.

2) To provide care centres for socially disadvantaged children, elderly and different capacity people.

3) To provide skills and motivation to unemployed youth for self dependence and sustainable development.

4) To preserve and promote Nepalese culture and environment through tourism.

5) To provide relief program, counselling, health facilities etc for victims of natural disasters.

Core Values:

1) Love and respect the socially disadvantaged people.

2) Strengthen the social weakness.

3) Fight against the extreme poverty.

4) Fight for gender equity and discrimination.

5) Credibility and transparency  on activities.

6) Updating  recent skills, principles, technology and best practises.

7) Flexibility and Cooperation

8) Quality services and Standardisation



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