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“A Cup of Love ” works mainly with street children in Basantapur. Especially this is a vulnerable disadvantaged group which is consequently exposed to a multitude of risks and permanent dangers.  This can include social elimination, ethical and physical violence, health problems, drug addiction, gang harassment, criminality, famine and lacking self-esteem (cf. CWIN, 2014). According to a survey of the Nepal Concerned Centre (2010), the basic reasons for living on the street are:

41% domestic abuse

27% impact of friends/ peers

19% economic reasons

13% being not integrated within the family, among others due to divorce.

Everyday life on the street is determined by hunger, begging, sniffing glue, playing football and the great desire to be loved.

Glue sniffing is a mechanism of escape and self-protection – the euphoria weakens the intensity of sorrows, hungry feelings and problems. Only a few children and teenagers succeed in escaping from the circuit of street life on their own, instead they are sliding down into more criminal spheres.

“A Cup of Love” tries to prevent this problem with its way of working and collaboration with other NGO’S, who are sharing the wish to help streetchildren on their individual way in a well-prepared, protected future.

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